Muskoka Builders – Why A Local Contractor Is Your Best Choice

muskoka builders

Hollywood films have made Muskoka famous. Some see that as an advantage while some locals say that it has destroyed the real Muskoka experience. What cannot be denied is the fact that it has generated a lot of interest from outsiders to build their own vacation cottages in the area. New cottages though are far from the rustic cottages of days past; these mostly contain all the modern creature comforts such as running water, heating, electricity, cable, and internet and phone connections. Thus modern Muskoka builders employ technically advanced building techniques.

If you are among the many who dream of getting their vacation homes built in the Muskoka area, you must be considering offers from a few builders, Muskoka builders and companies from other areas among them. Our Homes Magazine online contractor’s directory can help you find building contractors. Conventional wisdom dictates that it is almost always better to hire local companies, and that could be right, but there are a lot more reasons why you should consider hiring a local Muskoka builder, among them:

  1. Muskoka builders are very familiar with the terrain and the building challenges the lakeshore and forested areas of the region present. An outsider may be faced with a difficulty he is unprepared to handle; that is something with the potential to grow into a contract dispute later on.

  2. Local builders arewell versed with the requirements of local and regional government agencies in matters of zoning, licensing and building codes. This can prevent delays caused by inadvertently failing to comply with the appropriate codes and regulations. As a local company they will already be compliant with business registration and building permit requirements.

  3. Only local contractors will have wide connections with local suppliers of materials and equipment. Some of them may enjoy preferential treatment in supply allocations – something that will surely benefit a construction project.

  4. They would have lots of local professionals and skilled tradesmen on call. This makes it easy for them to immediately increase project manpower should they ever fall behind schedule. In addition, their workers will be have appropriate insurance coverage, and equipped with all the necessary personal safety equipment.

  5. They will have a long list of successfully completed projects in the area. They have clients who can vouch for the quality of their work. And if any aspect of your vacation home should ever need corrective action, they are easy to call for warranty work.

  6. Muskoka builders are highly organized. Most of them have banded themselves into organizations designed to enhance professionalism and foster cooperation among members. When you hire one, you indirectly gain the support of the rest of the Muskoka builders community.

  7. Finally, local Muskoka builders have learned work closely with the Tarion Warranty Corporation which was set up by the government of Ontario to protect the interests of homeowners – that means you.

If that is not enough, a local builder hires people from within the community – people who will be your neighbors when you decide to move in. Hire a local contractor and you get a head start in getting to know the people of Muskoka.

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